What a year it was for the North Texas real estate market. The last time North Texas saw a similar real estate boom was back in the 1980s. This time around, surging population ad job growth have powered the strong property market.

Via the Dallas Morning News:

What a year for real estate — 2014 will go into the record books as a time when the Dallas-Fort Worth property market was white hot.

The last time North Texas saw such a real estate boom was back in the 1980s, and most of that run-up was fueled by crooked savings-and-loan lenders and tax-dodge investors.

This time, it’s pure demographics — surging population and job growth — that’s powering the property market.

Construction cranes stretch from Uptown to Frisco.

And the size of developments has exploded, with billion-dollar construction deals underway in several locations.

The local housing market has the highest prices and tightest inventory of homes for sale in decades.

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