Design Concepts

Mongtomery Plaza offers a wide range of home types with unique characteristics. Much of this is due to the uncommon architecture of the building. Large concrete columns and the distinctive U-shape of the building posed some challenges to the design and construction team, but resulted in a mix of condominium homes as unique as the people who live in them.

Many of Montgomery Plaza’s resident homeowners have put their creativity to work to make their home a true reflection of their own personality and style. We were lucky enough to have some of them open their homes to us, and we are pleased to be able to share their design inspiration with you. Each home offers a unique perspective on Fort Worth condominium living that will open your mind to the possibilities.

Cowboy Modern

Crisp modern lines accentuated by classic western design.

Eclectic Heights

Soaring windows flood this suite with an abundance of natural light.

High Style

Bold colors and clean design define this modern home.

Industrial Modernism

A seamless integration of industrial and contemporary character.

Sheer Elegance

A study of illumination and color schemes.

The Art Lover

A rich collection of art compliments the architecture of the home beautifully.

The Escape Pad

Cool, sparse, and modern…the ultimate downtown escape pad.