Dallas remains to be one of the top real estate markets in the United States.  Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke of Realtor.com just listed his top 10 picks for real estate markets in 2015, and Dallas made the list.

Cities with strong housing growth, afforable prices and fast-paced sales were some of the factors that were taken into consideration.

Here are the cities that made the list (in alphabetical order):

Atlanta, CA
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Des Moines, IA
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Minneapolis, MN
Phoenix, AZ
San Jose, CA
Washington, DC

From realtor.com:

“Dallas: Favorite for Household Growth and Volume of Home Sales

Dallas has been a top performer and is expected to remain one of the best markets in 2015, Smoke says. Although it’s home to 20 billionaires, the city hasn’t had its real estate market thrown out of whack by big money.

The Southern city is on pace to set a new employment record in 2014, the market is affordable, and it continues to draw an influx of new households.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and huge new homes are springing up all over Dallas.

The city’s strong new construction market helps to contain any worry of housing supply pressure. Smoke predicts a 3% growth in home prices in 2015 and 7% growth in home sales.”

Source: Realtor.com